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Topless Review of 2016   (work in progress)

The Topless Review was originally an attempt to keep a record of all the celebrity uncoverings that occur in Newspapers, Magazines, and on Television in the current year.  However in more recent years coverage of Newspapers has fallen away due to a combination of reduced awareness of anything of relevance and seemingly less instances of what used to be a fairly frequent event.  Magazines even more so.

Therefore it is only now the Television section that retains any concerted effort to be as comprehensive as possible.

Also see the TV & British Actresses pages for a comprehensive coverage of movies.

Symbols Used  (entries added since the last update will show the symbol in RED)
J definite topless shots with one or both breasts bare with nipple(s) visible. This includes nipple slips and see-through shots.
L technically topless but covered due to careful or fortuitous posing.
K a topless image that is a new one from a previously seen set or occasion (that I've not seen before).  Unless it is only very recently after the initial appearance.
N Images that may have been doctored by magazines or turn out to be fakes, etc.

All dates are formatted in the UK style of dd/mm/yyyy


War & Peace (BBC1 - ep3:17/01/2016)                 6-part drama series
J Tuppence Middleton (Helene Bezukhova) - topless as she sits up on a chaise longue where she had been laying in the arms of soldier Boris Drubetskoy (Aneurin Barnard), whom she has taken as her lover, discussing her reconciliation with her husband Pierre - then topless side view with her right breast seen and rear nudity as she stands and puts on a gown.

Mr Selfridge (ITV - ep3:22/01/2016)           series 4, 10-part series
J Emma Hamilton (Rosie Dolly) - waking up in bed with Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) after sleeping together, with the full side of her left breast very briefly seen as she flirtatiously hugs his back when he sits up and invites her to accompany him to a business event - no nipple nudity seen.

Crashing (C4 - ep4:01/02/2016)                 6-part comedy series
J Julie Dray (Melody) - topless sitting on a window seat in her art room with her model Kate (Louise Ford) after they bond and take off their tops as a mutual demonstration of body confidence - seen only briefly and from a long distance • brief topless side view seen a couple of times while she is fooling around with a group of her friends as they have a messy naked body painting free-for-all party in the art room - no nipple nudity - then topless with her breasts covered in paint as she chases Colin (Adrian Scarborough) down the corridor and pins him to the ground - no nipple detail apparent through the paint.
J Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Lulu) - brief back side view of her left breast seen as she whips off her T-shirt and enthusiastically joins in with a group of her friends as they have a messy naked body painting free-for-all party in the art room - no nipple nudity - later there is brief view of her topless from the front although the paint now on her body prevents any nipple detail from being discernable.
The entire painting scene is relatively long, but counter to the point of the scene, was presented almost entirely prudishly with modesty made paramount by means of careful shot selection and post framing techniques leaving only a minimal number of momentary glimpses of slight breast nudity.  Louise Ford (Kate) was also involved in the same scene but no noticeable nudity from her reached the screen.

Silent Witness (BBC1 - pt1:01/02/2016; pt2:02/02/2016)           series 19, story 5: River's Edge, (two-part story)
J Aimee Barrett (Bella Day) - (part 2) Topless laying dead on a mortuary table as pathologists Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) conduct her postmortem
J Amy Lawrence (Natalie Day) - (part 1) Her right breast is nearly seen with her arms loosely arranged across her chest when she is found dead with her sister Bella (Aimee Barrett) by DS Malcolm Guillam (Derek Griffiths) in a chest freezer at a farmhouse • (part 2) more of same when the crime scene is photographed by pathologist Thomas Chamberlain • very briefly seen topless as pathologists Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) conduct her postmortem • laying on a bed unresponsive with her right arm lying loosely covering across her breasts as her panicked sister Bella tries to rouse her and realises she is dead - no nipple nudity in a flashback as forensic expert Jack Hodgson (David Caves) pictures what occurred at the scene.
'Natalie Day' was a non-speaking and uncredited role - she has been identified via a self-identification on a casting website

The Night Manager (BBC1 - ep1:21/02/2016; ep2:28/02/2016; ep3:06/03/2016; ep6:27/03/2016)    6-part drama series
(ep1) J Aure Atika (Sophie Alekan) - briefly seen topless making love underneath hotel night manager Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) after he brings her to a safe house while helping to protect her from the vengeance of  influential racketeer Freddie Hamid whom she betrayed whilst his mistress.
(ep2) J Beth Walker (Jacob's Girlfriend) - her left breast is briefly glimpsed as she is getting up from making love astride her boyfriend Jacob Dodridge (Conor McCarry) on the floor of a vacant holiday cottage in Devon when they are interrupted by the arrival of its unexpected new tenant Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston).
(ep3) J Elizabeth Debicki (Jed Marshall) - the back side of her left breast is seen while she is sitting on her bed with her knees up when Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) knocks and looks in to tell her a party is due to start - no nipple nudity • rear nudity seen as she takes off her dress and goes skinny dipping in the sea while out on a stroll on the beach with Jonathan - then the full side of her left breast is seen as she turns back to look at him.
(ep6) J Elizabeth Debicki (Jed Marshall) - being held bent over a bath with her right breast seen hanging free inside her drooping wet nightdress as her criminal husband Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) has his henchman repeatedly hold her face underwater to punish her for her betrayal of him • briefly seen topless underneath Jonathan Pine on a bed as they start to make love after a successful outcome - fairly darkly lit.

Thirteen (BBC2 - ep1:06/03/2016)           5-part series
J Jodie Comer (Ivy Moxam) - in a police medical room as a forensic officer takes samples and removes and bags her clothes for analysis following her escape from long-term captivity: during this sequence the outer edge of her right areola is very briefly seen at the extreme left edge of the widescreen frame and later the back side of her right breast with no nipple nudity as she is dressed in a white overall - her face is not seen during these moments so could feasibly have been a body double • looking at herself in her bedroom mirror after returning home and being reunited with her family - her hair is hanging down onto her breasts but it seems as though part of her left nipple may be seen in the reflection (with her face in the same shot).

Marcella (ITV - ep1:04/04/2016; ep2:11/04/2016)           8-part series
(ep1) J Anna Friel (Marcella Backland) - (at start) sitting in a bath in a state of shock with the side of her left breast seen pressed against her raised legs - seen at a medium distance • (at end) still in the bath with the side of her right breast seen against her legs while crying due to whatever has happened to her - her scenes in the bath, in which she made up to appear bruised and battered, bookend the episode although how her injuries came about is left unexplained during the episode.
(ep1) J Florence Pugh (Cara Thomas) - getting out of bed beside a sleeping female sex client with the upper half of her right nipple seen at the extreme bottom left edge of the frame - then (from a medium distance) the side of her left breast is seen as leans over to pick up her discarded clothes to get dressed before pilfering from the sleeping woman's belongings.
(ep2) J Florence Pugh (Cara Thomas) - topless sitting on the edge of her bed facing her laptop webcam as her adult website punter asks her to run a knife blade erotically between her breasts.
(ep2) J Anna Friel (Marcella Backland) - topless laying back in a blood-splattered bath - viewed from overhead during two separate red-tinted flashback sequences depicted as a quick burst of  images - seen as her character starts to remember something traumatic that she seems to have blotted from her memory - still unexplained but clearly linked to the scenes in episode 1.

Peaky Blinders (BBC2 - ep1:05/05/2016; ep4:26/05/2016; ep5:02/06/2016)      Series 3 (6-part series)
(ep1) J Annabelle Wallis (Grace Shelby) - making love on a bed underneath her husband Thomas (Cillian Murphy) - she is mostly hidden by his body but there are a couple of very brief glimpses of her right breast.
(ep4) J Gaite Jansen (Princess Tatiana Petrovna) - topless standing in front of gangster family leader Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) in the entrance hall of his mansion as she removes her top during a recalcitrant display while staying overnight representing her powerful Russian royal family for his pleasure as a cementing of their business dealings with him - then topless as Shelby's maid Anna (Wendy Nottingham) starts to come down the stairs until being sent back to her room.
(ep5) J Melissa Mitchell (Courtesan) - topless sitting on John Shelby's (Joe Cole) lap while he and his brothers are visiting their Russian partners' mansion where an orgy party is taking place.  (She has an uncredited, non-speaking bit-part - self-identified on casting websites and social media)
(ep5) J Gaite Jansen (Princess Tatiana Petrovna) - topless and rear nudity standing as she removes her dress in front of Thomas kneeling in front of her - then topless astride him on the floor as she throttles him for erotic effect allowing him to sink into semi-unconsciousness and channel memories of his dead wife Grace into the experience - then topless laying beside him on the floor as he recovers when she has finished.

The Secret (ITV - 13/05/2016)           part 3 of 4
J Genevieve O'Reilly (Hazel Buchanan) - briefly topless with her right breast seen while making love underneath her lover Colin Howell (James Nesbitt) on her bed when he comes round to reassure her after the actions they have taken to liberate themselves from their respective spouses • topless side view with her right breast seen while sitting on the side of their bed as she lets Colin inject her with a general anaesthetic - then topless as she loses consciousness and he lays her down on the bed and prepares to have sex with her unconscious form which she has agreed in advance to let him do.

Versailles (BBC2 - Series 1)        10 episodes
Previously shown on French  television in 2015, made in English

Episode 1 - (01/06/2016)
J Alexia Giordano (Young Nymph) - topless making love astride King Louis XIV (George Blagden) on a bed - part of an idyllic vision he is having while having a restless sleep.
J Noémie Schmidt (Henriette) - her breasts are clearly visible through a wet and clinging bathing shirt as she steps out of a lake and her ladies-in-waiting don her a cloak - the topless indoors as she stands in front of her secret lover and brother-in-law King Louis XIV (George Blagden) helping him undress - then topless underneath him as they make love.

Episode 2 - (08/06/2016)
J Noémie Schmidt (Henriette) - briefly seen topless while making love astride Louis on the floor - then briefly topless again standing against the wall as Louis kneels down and gives her oral sex.

Episode 3 - (15/06/2016)
J Noémie Schmidt (Henriette) - topless sitting on a bed facing the king on his lap as they talk and make love
J Valérie Thoumire (Madame de Beauvais) - full frontal nudity and rear nudity in a bedchamber as she opens up her robe in front of the cowering 10-year old Louis as she is tasked by his mother with giving him a sexual education - a flashback scene.

Episode 4 - (22/06/2016)
J Noémie Schmidt (Henriette) - rear nudity laying on her front on a bed talking to Louis - then briefly topless as she lays onto her back and he kisses her • her breasts are briefly visible through a wet and clinging bathing shirt as she steps out of a lake and her ladies-in-waiting don her a cloak - a similar scene to the one in episode 1.

Episode 6 - (06/07/2016)
J Anna Brewster (Athenais Montespan) - topless laying on her back on a bed as King Louis XIV (George Blagden) makes love to her - then topless standing to kiss him when he gets up to leave - then topless as she flops back onto the bed as he leaves the room.

Episode 7 - (20/07/2016)
J Amira Casar (Béatrice) - topless laying in a makeshift bed of cushions on the floor with Fabien Marchal (Tygh Runyan) with her right breast seen above a red blanket as they talk after finishing their lovemaking.

Episode 9 - (03/08/2016)
J Anna Brewster (Athenais Montespan) - topless standing in the king's bedchamber as she lets her dress fall to the floor before him when he looks upon her favourably after she performs a task for him.

Fleabag (BBC2 - ep1:21/08/2016)                 6-part comedy series
J Sarah Daykin (Drunk Girl) - Her right breast and partial nipple are seen spilling from her top  while sitting drunk on a roadside curb as passerby Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) helps her up..

Ripper Street (BBC2 - 12/09/2016)           Series 4 (9 episodes)

ep4: A White World Made Red

J Janice Byrne (Agniezka) - laying dead on a mortuary table with a very brief glimpse of her right breast seen when surgeon Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) pulls back the sheet covering her body.

Ordinary Lies (BBC1 - ep2:25/10/2016)                 Series 2 (6 episodes)
J Kimberley Nixon (Holly) - her left nipple is very briefly seen from the underside as she quickly arranges herself under the covers in casual recline after leaping back into bed to avoid being caught out snooping by her boyfriend Adam (John Macmillan) whose downstairs phone conversation she had been eavesdropping on over her bedroom parapet - the exposure was accidental.

Close To The Enemy (BBC2 - ep2:17/11/2016; ep4:01/12/2016)                 7-part drama
(ep2) J Charity Wakefield (Julia) - topless on a bed sitting astride intelligence officer Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess) at the hotel where they are both staying when she comes to his room at night and offers herself to him in a seductive manner after a few earlier flirtatious encounters - then topless laying atop him as they make love and talk.
(ep4) J Charlotte Riley (Rachel Lombard) - topless in a bed making love with Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess).

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