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Topless Review of 2017   (work in progress)

The Topless Review was originally an attempt to keep a record of all the celebrity uncoverings that occur in Newspapers, Magazines, and on Television in the current year.  However in more recent years coverage of Newspapers has fallen away due to a combination of reduced awareness of anything of relevance and seemingly less instances of what used to be a fairly frequent event.  Magazines even more so.

Therefore it is only now the Television section that retains any concerted effort to be as comprehensive as possible.

Also see the TV & British Actresses pages for a comprehensive coverage of movies.

Symbols Used  (entries added since the last update will show the symbol in RED)
J definite topless shots with one or both breasts bare with nipple(s) visible. This includes nipple slips and see-through shots.
L technically topless but covered due to careful or fortuitous posing.
K a topless image that is a new one from a previously seen set or occasion (that I've not seen before).  Unless it is only very recently after the initial appearance.
N Images that may have been doctored by magazines or turn out to be fakes, etc.

All dates are formatted in the UK style of dd/mm/yyyy


The Halcyon (ITV - ep1:02/01/2017)
                8-part drama
(ep1) J Kara Tointon (Betsey Day) - rear nudity as she stands up in a bath in a mischievously brazen way in front of hotel owner Lord Lawrence Hamilton (Alex Jennings) whose bathroom he has caught her out using when he returns to his hotel suite - seen in close-up without her face in the shot (in preview press interviews she indicated she did the scene herself).

Silent Witness (BBC1 - 09/01/2017)           series 20, story 2: Discovery, part 1 of 2
J Natalie Lester (Tina Lunt) - topless laying dead on a mortuary table as Dr Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) begins her postmortem examination with an external examination, with investigating officer DS Maureen Steele (Saskia Reeves) in attendance.  (Her role was fairly minor, albeit credited - she is seen alive in a flashback in part 2 although no dialogue was involved).
J Nathalie Buscombe (Lucy Chatham) - topless as her naked body is lifted out of a river by two policemen - seen from an elevated medium distance - then full frontal nudity from an elevated longer distance laying on a tarpaulin as her body is checked for identifying features (could be a dummy or a stunt woman) topless laying dead on a mortuary table as Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) begins her postmortem examination with an external examination, with investigating officer DCI Andy Steemson (Darren Morfitt) in attendance - the examination continues after her head has been shaven bald so Nikki can check a head wound - then continuing as Nikki peels her neck skin up over her face as Nikki continues her detailed examination to determine the exact cause of death - later topless on the mortuary table again as Nikki follows up another line of enquiry to try and find vital clues to where she was killed.  (It is hard to tell if a dummy is used for any/all/some of the shots and whether it was the actress with clever prosthetics or a realistic dummy - and therefore how much (if any) of the nudity seen is the real actress - she had a small to medium speaking role in part one before her character died, and had a lesser role in part two in a brief flashback).

 SS-GB (BBC1 - ep1:19/02/2017)                 5-part drama
(ep1) J Maeve Dermody (Sylvia Manning) - briefly topless in a hotel bed as she reaches over to fetch an ashtray after sleeping with her boss Douglas Archer (Sam Riley).
(ep1) J Uncredited - her left nipple is very briefly seen as her bed partner General Fritz Kellermann sits up attentively when his superior comes onto the phone line.   NOTE: Many websites incorrectly identified this uncredited non-speaking extra as being Susannah Wise.  Presumably because Susannah Wise was credited as "prostitute" for an earlier scene in which she is seen outdoors as a streetwalker talking to the two detectives outdoors as they arrive at a murder scene.  The woman in the bed scene was a different prostitute.

Prime Suspect 1973 (ITV - ep1:02/03/2017; ep4:23/03/2017)                 6-part drama
(ep1) J Arabella Larssen (Julie-Ann Collins) - topless and rear nudity laying dead on a mortuary table as pathologist professor Dean Martin (Ian Beattie) talks attending officers DI Len Bradfield (Sam Reid) and probationary WPC Jane Tennison (Stefanie Martini) through his preliminary findings before beginning the postmortem.
(ep4) J Stefanie Martini (WPC Jane Tennison) - making love on her bed underneath her boss DI Len Bradfield (Sam Reid) when he comes to see her at her new accommodation block and they give in to the mutually mounting attraction between them - although intended to be carefully shot it looks as though her left nipple is inadvertently momentarily glimpsed through the gap between their arms as the camera is panning up from the floor to their faces.

The Last Kingdom (BBC2 - ep2:23/03/2017; ep6:20/04/2017; ep7:27/04/2017)                 Series 2 (8 episodes)
(ep2) J Peri Baumeister (Gisela) - topless laying on her bed as her brother, the king of Northumbria's, army commander Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) makes love to her when she finds him waiting in her tent and she acquiesces to his desires.
(ep6) J Peri Baumeister (Gisela) - her breasts are very briefly seen while splashing around in a pond with her husband Uhtred as they bathe.
(ep7) J Millie Brady (Aethelflaed) - rear nudity as she enters a lake to bathe whilst a group of Danes, whose prisoner she is, stand a discreet distance away averting their gaze, on the orders of their leader's brother Erik (Christian Hillborg) who is sweet on her - seen from quite a distance with her face not seen.

Clique (BBC1 - ep2:20/05/2017; ep3:27/05/2017)                Series 1 (6 episodes)
(ep2) J Lyndsey Craig (Girl Having Sex) - topless astride a guy (Craig McDougall) in bed making use of an empty university dorm room when Holly McStay (Synnove Karlsen) walks in on them thinking that her missing friend Georgia Cunningham has returned to her room and she angrily ejects them - her breasts are only glimpsed a few times as her long hair moves aside.
(ep2) J Synnove Karlsen (Holly McStay) - topless standing in front of a mirror with her left breast seen in the reflection as she appraises herself with a steely determination.
(ep3) J Synnove Karlsen (Holly McStay) - topless making love on her bed with Rory Sawyer (Mark Strepan) in various positions.

Versailles (BBC2 - Series 2)        10 episodes
Previously shown on French television, made in English
NOTE: In episodes 1 and 2 some full frontal nudity involving Anna Brewster's character was depicted - but she wearing full prosthetics to give her the appearance of being pregnant with swollen breasts and it was entirely faked.  By episode 7 she is no longer pregnant and her figure has returned to normal.

Episode 7 - (02/06/2017)
J Anna Brewster (Athenais Montespan) - topless sitting in a sunken bath talking heatedly to her friend Madame Scarron (Catherine Walker) who disapproves of her recent actions which have displeased the queen - then full frontal nudity as she stands and walks out of the bath angrily towards Scarron demanding she be honest about her intentions towards the king.
J Hannah Arterton (Sister Hermione) - topless as she sits on King Louis's (George Blagden) chest pinning him to the bed with a knife to his throat after divesting herself of her nun's habit in his guest quarters at the abbey where he is conducting negotiations with his enemy William of Orange, as she makes desperate entreaty to be allowed back to court after having previously been a mistress of his who was discarded and disowned after becoming pregnant by him.

Episode 9 - (16/06/2017)
J Anna Brewster (Athenais Montespan) - topless as she lays down on an altar in a derelict temple and opens up her black robe as she participates in a satanic mass conducted by heretical priest Father Etienne (Ned Dennehy) for the objective of reclaiming for herself through arcane means the renounced love of the king - then topless as the blood of an infant is spilled onto her right breast just as king's investigator Fabien Marchal (Tygh Runyan) storms in on a raid.

Episode 10 - (23/06/2017)
J Anna Brewster (Athenais Montespan) - King Louis comes to her bedchamber surprising her with indications that he has relented on his renouncement and wants her to resume her position as his mistress, with full frontal nudity seen as he helps her off with her nightgown and she sits back on the bed ready to receive his pleasure until he once more roundly rejects her having been cruelly toying with her after learning of her efforts to influence his sentiments with a love potion. 

Random Acts (C4 - ep2:28/08/2017)                Series 3 (6 episodes)
Random Acts is a series showcasing short films
(ep2) J Zawe Ashton (Woman) - "Lighthouse" - a brief moment in a collage of images shows her walking towards the camera wearing a sheer black negligee through which her right breast can be clearly seen.
'Lighthouse' is a 5-minute non-narrative short film written and directed by Zawe Ashton

Strike (BBC1 - ep1:27/08/2017)                ep: The Cuckoo's Calling (part 1 of 3)
J Tezlym Senior-Sakutu (Rochelle Onifade) - her left nipple is momentarily seen in shot when private detective Cormoron Strike (Tom Burke) finds her submerged in her bath and hauls her out and lays her on the floor trying to revive her - her nipple is seen for one frame when the shot changes to a close-up of her on the floor before Strike moves over her.

Ill Behaviour (BBC2 - ep3:03/09/2017)                3-part drama
J Kellie Blaise (Holly the Stripper) - briefly seen topless doing a dance in a strip club in front of customer Nadia (Lizzy Caplan) who then propositions her for a date.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (C4 - ep2:24/09/2017)                ep: Impossible Planet
J Annes Elwy (Young Irma) - rear nudity as she takes her dress off over her head and looks back at tour operative Brian Norton (Jack Reynor) to follow her after they land on a hostile alien planet which has inexplicably changed into the paradise of her youthful memories and she has become a young woman again to match - seen at a distance - then topless in a lake as she looks back and beckons Brian to join her - also seen from a distance - then as they stand together in the water looking adoringly at each other her left nipple is briefly seen through the clear water.

Rellik (BBC1 - ep3:25/09/2017; ep4:02/10/2017; ep5:09/10/2017)                6-part series
(ep3) J Jodi Balfour (DI Elaine Shepard) - topless making love astride her colleague DCI Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) on a bed as she has a recollection of it as they are driving in a car (the way the drama is structured, with things happening back to front, the event she is recalling may be seen more fully in a later episode)
(ep3) J Clare Holman (Rebecca Barker) - rear nudity laying naked and dead facedown on a children's playground roundabout inside a police tent as investigators mill about at the crime scene as DCI Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) and DI Elaine Shepard (Jodi Balfour) arrive - her face is acid scarred and unrecognisable - could be a body double or dummy
(ep4) J Lucy Chappell (Kerri) - topless on all fours on a bed as her punter Detective Superintendent Edward Benton (Ray Stevenson) has sex with her in a police safe house in a tower block when his colleague DCI Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) walks in and finds them and throws her clothes at her telling her to leave - then rear nudity as she walks out of the room to get dressed as the two men argue.
(ep5) J Jodi Balfour (DI Elaine Shepard) - briefly topless on the safe house bed making love with Gabriel Markham with whom she is having an affair - then topless laying on her back smoking a cigarette as they talk while he gets dressed to leave (as anticipated their affair is shown occurring in actual time although the scene here is not the same one as shown in the reminiscence in episode 3)
(ep5) J Loren O'Dair (Lydia, Tattooed Barmaid) - topless and rear nudity making love astride Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) on a bed in the dark illuminated by a string of fairy lights draped about them - then topless underneath him as he turns her over.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (C4 - ep4:15/10/2017)                ep: Real Life
J Anna Paquin (Sarah) - the side of her left breast is seen while laying in bed kissing passionately with her girlfriend (Rachelle Lefevre) - no nipple nudity.

The Boy With The Topknot (BBC2 - 13/11/2017)                one-off drama
J Joanna Vanderham (Laura) - the side of her breasts are very briefly seen as she stands up out of the bath she was sitting in with her boyfriend Sathnam (Sacha Dhawan) where they were discussing his father's medical condition which he has only just found out about - no nipple nudity - earlier whilst in the bath a lot of the upper portion of her breasts are visible but her nipples remain hidden below the murky waterline.

 Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track (BBC1 Wales - ep1:01/12/2017)                4-part documentary series
J Kate Humble (Presenter) - rear nudity and some back side of her left breast seen as she tentatively wades into an Welsh mountain lake with another woman to try out the invigorating appeal of swimming in icy cold water - afterwards her left breast is very briefly fully seen (for a few frames) as she picks up and puts on a blue towelling changing robe to warm up and does a piece to camera describing her experience.   (This was only shown in Wales)

The White Princess (Drama Channel - Series 1)        8 episodes
US funded series shown in the USA by Starz earlier in 2017, received its UK premiere on the Drama Channel
Episode 3 - (25/11/2017)
J Jodie Comer (Princess Elizabeth) - the back side of her left breast is seen as she starts to sit down into a bath while preparing for her coronation - no nipple nudity.

Episode 6 - (02/12/2017)
J Amy Manson (Catherine Gordon) - topless standing in her marital bedchamber with her left breast seen as her new husband, who goes by the name of Perkin Warbeck (Patrick Gibson), lowers her underslip
J Jodie Comer (Queen Elizabeth) - making love on a bed underneath and astride her husband King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy) celebrating after believing they have successfully forced their pretender opponent to flee from a battle confrontation - her hair is draped over her breasts covering them to a degree but leaving a fair amount of their sides and undersides visible - no clear nipple nudity.

 Peaky Blinders (BBC2 - ep6:20/12/2017)                Series 4 (6 episodes)
J Charlie Murphy (Jessie Eden) - briefly topless making love astride factory owner Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) on a bed - later briefly topless from overhead with her right breast seen as she sits up while getting out of bed after they have finished.

The Miniaturist (BBC1 - 26/12/2017)                Part 1 of 2
J Romola Garai (Marin Brandt) - rear nudity standing in a steaming hot bath about to sit down and suffer the pain of it - seen through the keyhole by her curious sister-in-law Petronella Brandt (Anya Taylor-Joy) who hears her sobbing - her face is not seen.

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