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Topless Review of 2018   (work in progress)

The Topless Review was originally an attempt to keep a record of all the celebrity uncoverings that occur in Newspapers, Magazines, and on Television in the current year.  However in more recent years coverage of Newspapers has fallen away due to a combination of reduced awareness of anything of relevance and seemingly less instances of what used to be a fairly frequent event.  Magazines even more so.

Therefore it is only now the Television section that retains any concerted effort to be as comprehensive as possible.

Also see the TV & British Actresses pages for a comprehensive coverage of movies.

Symbols Used  (entries added since the last update will show the symbol in RED)
J definite topless shots with one or both breasts bare with nipple(s) visible. This includes nipple slips and see-through shots.
L technically topless but covered due to careful or fortuitous posing.
K a topless image that is a new one from a previously seen set or occasion (that I've not seen before).  Unless it is only very recently after the initial appearance.
N Images that may have been doctored by magazines or turn out to be fakes, etc.

All dates are formatted in the UK style of dd/mm/yyyy


Hard Sun (BBC1 - ep2:13/01/2018)
                Series 1 (6 episodes)
J Heidi Monsen (Sabina Kesinovic) - rear nudity laying dead on her front on her bed as the detectives DCI Charlie Hicks (Jim Sturgess) and DI Elaine Renko (Agyness Deyn) survey the murder scene where she and her partner Dominic Vaughan (Steve Pound) were earlier killed by a maniac.

Kiri (C4 - ep3:24/01/2018)                4-part drama
J Lia Williams (Alice Warner) - taking a (modestly shot) shower in her bathroom when her teenage son Simon (Finn Bennett) comes in to tell her something heedless of her feeling of awkwardness at his timing as she covers herself with a towel - then he gets angry telling her he knows about an affair she is having and yanks the towel away - with her nipples fleetingly seen as she covers herself with her hands and she sits down in shock and then he apologises and leaves the room.

Collateral (BBC2 - ep1:12/02/2018; ep2:19//02/2018)                4-part drama
(ep1) J Kim Medcalf (Suki Vincent) - her right nipple is very briefly seen as she gets out the bed she was in with her boyfriend David Mars (John Simm) - a few frames only so hard to spot at normal speed.
(ep2) J Jeany Spark (Sandrine Shaw) - topless and rear nudity in the women's communal shower freshening up after playing football in the army gym.

Marcella (ITV - ep1:19/02/2018)                Series 2 (8 episodes)
J Anna Friel (Marcella Backland) - rear nudity as she gets out of bed wearing just a vest top after having had sex with her boss and lover DCI Tim Williamson (Jamie Bamber) who is now sleeping soundly.

Troy: Fall of a City (BBC1 - ep1:17/02/2018; ep2:24//02/2018)                8-part series
(ep1) J Lise Slabber (Oenone) - topless making love underneath herdsman Paris (Louis Hunter) in a meadow.
(ep1) J Bella Dayne (Helen) - briefly topless as she washes her face and then is sponge bathed by her maids - then topless rinsing under a running steam of water from a pipe as she practices a verse topless on a bed underneath visiting Prince of Troy Alexander (Louis Hunter) in an awning in the forest as they make love after feeling an irresistible mutual attraction when given an opportunity to enact upon it when her husband the King of Sparta is away for his father's funeral.
(ep2) J Bella Dayne (Helen) - briefly topless with her right breast seen while making love underneath Alexander on a bed after she returns to Troy with him with the intention of marriage.


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